Testimonials – Retreat April 2016

” I had a truly wonderful time. The centre was great, good facilities, comfortable, right amount of space for the size of the group. The food was great, even for a non veggie! I loved both the yoga and the biodanza. The sound baths were blissful! I enjoyed my biodanza experience and even as a relative new-comer I always felt comfortable. All in all a great retreat “

” Wonderful, a delight to the senses, lovely people, fantastic experience”

” Helped me re-connect with myself, clarify feelings, see other sides to myself”

” The combination of hiking, meditation, yoga and biodanza was just right 🙂 “

” Once again, a very fulfilling experience. I liked the fluidity of the programme and the mix of mindful relaxation and energy-building exercise.”

” I have had the most amazing weekend. I had come to the venue with no experience of Biodanza, I was very nervous of it and was sure I really wouldn’t like it. How wrong could I be? Biodanza has really got to me and has helped me connect in a way I have never been able to before. It has really touched me to discover something for myself that feels so right. “

” Thank you Maria and Szilvia for helping me on my journey to discover something very special!”

“Sound yoga -first experience, LOVED IT! Very healing. Loved the chanting, the breathing, everything :)”

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