Biodanza for Older People

ladyBiodanza is a science-based system that provides an effective way of meeting the emotional and social needs of older people.

It’s an enjoyable physical activity, helping to maintain vitality, muscle tone, fine motor skills and the ability to co-ordinate
movement of different parts of the body.

At an emotional level, Biodanza helps older people feel valued, maintain their dignity, self-esteem and joy of living.



  • Biodanza helps older people maintain their physical functioning by stimulating physical movement.
  • Biodanza strengthens the identity and personhood of older people, both with and without dementia, by encouraging creative self-expression.
  • Because of its non-verbal nature, Biodanza offers older people a means of communication that goes beyond words. It helps make social connections even when participants may have lost their ability to speak and convey their feelings. This helps reduce the sense of isolation and can prevent depression in later life.
  • Biodanza is intellectually stimulating, also helping those whose cognitive abilities are intact, as every session has a different theme.
  • The use of sensitive, appropriate touch works at many levels, offering affectionate care, validation, and keeping the confused person in touch with the world around them.

If you’d like to know more about how Biodanza can make a difference for older people, contact Maria.

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