Life Centred Process

We’re all on a lifelong learning journey: whether we want to be more self-aware, increase our emotional intelligence, improve our relationships or give our mental and physical health a boost. Biodanza is all about understanding our own unique qualities and using that self- knowledge to maximise our potential to lead more fulfilling lives. Life is at the centre of everything, so let’s live it to the full!

We’ve designed this inspirational new programme to help you explore and understand process and continuity in Biodanza and learn how it can help you. Attending every session is encouraged, though not essential.
We begin in October, with The Biocentric Principle.
Why do we dance? What is a group process? What do we mean by ‘the Poetic Encounter’? By the end of this first session, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of Biodanza.

All workshops are open to participants who have been attending our regular and/or monthly sessions. If you’re new to Biodanza, however, we’d still love you to join us – contact Maria for a chat.


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