About our facilitators


Luís Otávio Pimentel is a didactic Biodanza facilitator with extensive professional experience. He is the director of
the Biodanza schools of Barcelona and Alicante, a clinical psychologist (COPC 11386) and a mind-body therapist with over 20 years of experience in the clinical field, individual and group therapy. Luis also has a wide experience in facilitating deepening therapeutic and personal development courses.

He has taught in schools in Europe and Brazil, as well as in weekly and monthly sessions and clinical social projects. Specialised in clinical and social biodanza and Biocentric Education.

In Spain he is the creator of both the Biodanza Spanish Encounter for Exchange and Cooperation (Encuentro para la Cooperación y el Intercambio en Biodanza) and the Mental Health Conference. And he is the co-creator of the extension Biodanza and Mental Health.

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